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 About Raquel 

"Editing is the closest thing to magic that exists in the world of movies."


Hello there. I am a student at Temple University's Film and Media Arts program and my concentration is in Post Production. As a kid, my favorite part of the movie-going experience was seeing the trailers for upcoming films. I didn't know it was an actual job at the time, but I knew I wanted to be the person who created movie trailers. The idea of being a part of something bigger than yourself and working on it before it reached the general public was fascinating to me. It wasn't until my senior year of high school, while in the middle of a video editing class, that I decided I wanted to pursue a career in video/film editing. I love all aspects of editing, but my skills shine the brightest when I get to work with rhythm, montages, and music.

Philly, NJ, and NYC based.
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